About Us

RuCo is a burgeoning project from Russell Cottier, record producer, plus a tiny team of amazing volunteers.

Very much a cottage industry and community project at the moment, the RuCo system is available as a one of two pre-configured units, RuControl and RuControl 32.

If you are visiting this site you are probably already aware of the project so please excuse the very much under construction site.

RuCo Brains

Designed and assembled in the UK the RuCo system modules keep a keen eye on quality and compatability. Designed to fit in any Eurorack system or the Ruco chasis the modules can be configured and arranged in almost limitless layouts to suit your requirements.

Experience of many analog consoles in many studios has lead to a very specific choice for the RuCo modules. Panels are custom machned in our workshop from 1.5 mm anodised aluminium (aluminum) for a smooth feel and legending that should never wear off.

RuCo products use only high grade Bourns encoders for a smooth endless rotation. We use Gateron mechanical keys for an easy action and a robust feel, just like a quality keyboard.

The RuControl Brain is based around an ARM M4 Cortex and runs our firmware designed to work in conjunction with Harrison Mixbus but also offers options for other DAWs. Our coding team (all two of us) are working hard to implement features and support for all the major DAWs and firmware updates will be simple, powerful and FREE!